Best Exercise Equipment for Ab Workouts


Most people desire to get a flat stomach or Six-pack Abs to maintain their fitness. The right equipment is essential to achieve the fitness goals depending on body weight. If your tummy is covered with fat, the abdominal muscles under it will not be visible. So, initially, the focus should be on burning the fat by diet and workouts that burn calories.

The fact is that a workout machine alone will not get you a flat stomach and few workout tools are also really effective. The abdominal training with or without equipment can tone and strengthen the muscle core. Here, some of the best exercise Equipment for Abs are mentioned below which will get better results in a shorter time.

1. Adjustable Sit Up Benches:

The Ab Bench is the most common and frequently used abs exercise equipment. It is available in almost all gyms and fitness centers as a bench to perform a variety of exercises. It is useful for both beginners or advanced trainers. It helps the users to perform abs workout from different angles. And also, you can perform a declined crunch, leg raising, twists, and decline sit up.

2. Abs Swing:

The Abs Swing is one of the most common machines used in the gym. Any kind of abs equipment combined with fat-burning exercises and a proper diet can provide the best results in shaping the abs. This type of machine has a pivot seat with handles on either side and is meant to work the lower and upper halves.

3. Pull up Bars:

The Pull-up Bars are used to do several bodyweight exercises but it is especially beneficial for abs workout. With these bars, various workouts can be done to train the abdominals and the obliques. A flat stomach can be achieved easily through the hanging leg and knee raises workout.

4. Rowing Machine:

The rowing movement is complex which works your body from top to bottom. You have to push yourself with the legs and pull the handle with the power of your arms and back. The resistance and speed can be adjusted for working in every larger muscle group in the body. In every stage, the core works to support the motion and keeps the body in a proper state. It helps to burn between 700-1100 calories per hour for an average trainee.


5. Ab Rollers:

Ab rollers are a great way to stimulate the upper muscles of the body and in developing the upper part of the abdominals. It provides support to the neck and helps to avoid strains. It is helpful for women to do core exercises and for beginners also.

6. Dumbbells:

A Dumbbell are the most effective tools to train your abs. Initially, perform various bodyweight core training to gain enough strength. Then gradually increase the number of weights and try the abs workout.

7. Power Tower Stations:

Power Towers are the most complicated home gym machines that allow performing many types of dynamic exercises. It can be used to perform all kinds of Body Weight Loss Exercises like push ups, pull ups, ab exercises and so on.

8. Roman Chairs:

Most beginners will focus on their abdominal muscles and neglects their lower back. But if you want to get a slim waist then it is vital to train your lower back. The strong lower back is crucial for various other exercises and it helps to avoid pain also. Roman Chair can be helpful to perform advanced core exercises.

9. Stability/Exercise Ball:

An exercise ball is not a well-known exercise equipment for abs but it can be helpful to perform various efficient exercises. It helps to train the abdominal muscles better and also can perform common exercises such as sit-ups and crunches more efficiently and safely.

Likewise, many machines are available to tone your abs perfectly. When working the abs, it should be helpful in developing the shoulders, glutes, obliques and the lower part of the body. It is advisable to choose the best equipment to train your abs along with the right diet for well-defined six-pack abs or a flat stomach.


Best Exercise Equipment for Ab Workouts

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