Cable Machine Exercises for Abs

Cable Machine Exercises for Abs

A Cable Machine helps to perform a wide variety of core exercises due to the adjustable height and the ability to work from all the angles. It provides endless possibilities to strengthen and tone the core muscles and also to burn the stubborn belly fat. It makes your abs work harder by keeping the resistance constant during the exercise.

Cable Machines are the best equipment to kickstart the workout for six packs abs. Here, we split into three sections to utilize the constant resistance of a cable as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

1) In Beginner Section, explore the benefits of crunching with cable tension overhead followed by two torso-twisting exercises. These exercises are assisted by controlled arm movements to target both abs and obliques.
2) In the Intermediate section, we can hit the different parts of abs to maximize the results. For this, an upgraded cable crunch while lying on the back, a reverse crunch targeting the lower abs and a one-arm cable crunch for maximal contraction is essential for better results.
3) In the Advanced section, you can use double-tension cable tuck crunch to target the abdominal area. A gym ball can be added to the proceedings to maximize the core strength and stability.


You can use either advanced level or any other levels with minimal rest in between or throughout the session by using bigger full-body moves. So that you can get a stronger and more stable cable ready for the exercises in and out of the gym. Here, some of the cable machine exercises are mentioned below to shape your abs.

Standing Rope Cable Crunch:

High Cable Crunch is the standing version that keeps your hips stationary and pulls the weight down until the weight reaches the middle of your thighs. It may be harder to do in a standing position to maintain the form and balance throughout the workout.

Kneeling Cable Crunch:

Pulley Crunch is the most well-known exercise that targets the upper and lower abdominal efficiently. Arch your back, keep the hip stationary and pull the weight until the elbows touch your knees. It can be done by facing towards the machine or the other side.

Oblique Cable Twist (Standing Cable Wood Chop):

This type of exercise is beneficial for abs and oblique to get in the perfect shape. In this method, the pulley handles should be at about the hip level. While moving, keep the back and arm straight and also let the weight to go back slowly. If it is done in the proper position, you can feel the engagement in the oblique.

Plank Cable Row:

Plank is an excellent abs exercise and it can provide an extra boost when performed with a cable crossover machine. It also trains the back and shoulder muscles along with the abs. While pulling the weight, keep up the balance with only one arm by keeping the back straight.

Cable Reverse Crunch:

This type of exercise is effective for lower abs. Lie with the feet towards the low cable and attach the cable to the ankles. Hold the thighs vertical and bend the knees at 90 degrees, then curl your hips off the floor and then return slowly to the starting position. It is an enhanced version of the knee raise on the floor and works the abs better due to extra resistance.

Standing Cable Lift:

This type of exercise is similar to the oblique twist in which you should pull the handle above your head instead of rotating the body to the side. It is extremely beneficial for the core which makes most of the muscles to engage in the workout.

Cable Russian Twists:

Cable Russian Twists is a great exercise to strengthen the oblique, lower abs and back effectively with maximum benefits. Start off by connecting a cable to a low pulley cable machine and then lie on an exercise ball at the side of the machine with the back on the top of the ball. Now, grab the handle with both hands and extend it out in front of the chest, squeeze your abs and twist in the opposite direction of the machine. Hold on for a while and then return back to the starting position. This will keep up the stability of the body and the core muscles should work harder.

The above are some of the beneficial cable exercises for abs that fit your workout routine. In addition to it, many types of cable crossover exercises are available to strengthen all parts of the core like lower and upper abs, obliques and lower back. Make fewer reps to make your muscle core stronger with heavy weight.

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