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Best Workout Equipment for Women

equipment for ladies

A good fitness program involves cardiovascular exercise, muscle toning and stretching for flexibility. Women absolutely need a well-rounded fitness routine to maintain their physique and for a healthy body. It is generally said that women need to lift weights to build strength and also need stretching to maintain their flexibility. Cardio exercises can help you […]

Best Gym Machines for Weight Training

Weight Machines

The Weight Training Equipment is varied, diverse in many types and functionalities. For exercises like pushups and squats, we can use our own body weight. If need to use any physical equipment, free weights like dumbbells and barbells or bands and tubes are used along with gym machines, frames, and workstations based on levers and […]

How to Use a Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

The Rowing Machine is an excellent choice to spice up your cardio routine. It is also a perfect exercise equipment for exercises with joint issues and if done properly, you can get a great workout with a little risk of injury. It works for every muscle group including the legs, arms, back, and core by […]