How to Safely Use the Leg Press

Leg Press Machine Safety Tips

We spend a lot of time focusing on strength training exercises that use our body weight and free weights. Most gyms have many options in building up our fitness goals with a variety of Essential Gym Equipment from which it is important to keep an eye on the form. The movements should be controlled, focused and mostly guided by the machine for the beginners.

The Leg Press is a popular piece of equipment which can help to build the key muscles in your legs. If the leg press is performed in a correct form, then it will give a great full leg workout, hitting the quads, hamstrings, hip extensors and more. It is a great way to build the knee strength and make the legs pretty.

Leg Press Machines:

The leg press machines are commonly found in the gyms which are of two types. One of them involves sitting up straight with bent legs and resting against a horizontal plate. Then push your body away from the plate by straightening the legs. In this type, the weight can be selected by sticking a pin in the weight stack.

The other type of machine involves sitting at an angle in which your feet can be placed against a platform above your head. Then you push away by straightening the legs and set the resistance by loading the machine with weight plates. Both the machine types have benefits to all kinds of gym-goers to develop the quadriceps and hamstrings of the thigh as well as the gluteus (buttocks). The proper form can maximize the strength-building benefits and also prevent from injury.

Leg Press Guidance:

The leg press is a unique movement. With a short range of motion, it stimulates the quad, glutes, and hamstrings to their maximum potential. Here, some of the safety guidelines to perform leg press exercises are mentioned below

1. Place your feet on the pad shoulder-width part after setting the appropriate weight. If need to place more stress on the glutes, position your feet high on the pad. If quad growth is the goal, position your feet towards the bottom.
2. Make sure to breathe in deep and exhale as you push away. It will protect the ribs from the pressure of the weight.
3. Try not to lock the knees when extending the legs.
4. Raise your feet a little higher to decrease the tension in your knees. It will focus more on your hamstrings and take some of the pressure off from your knees.
5. Straighten your legs and release the leg press handles. Keep the entire back firmly against the seat to reduce any strain on the lower back.
6. After keeping your feet set, lower your legs towards the chest and be careful not to bounce your knees off your chest. Don’t lock the legs out at the knee to maintain muscular tension on the quads without any risk for knee injury.
7. If leg press was done before, start modestly with three sets of 10 leg presses. Then can move to advance level for building the strength.
8. If one or both the knees hurt, do not pus through the pain. Then start lower and gradually build up but pushing through will only cause injury.
9. Follow the entire range of motion without lifting the hips. If needed, you can adjust the seat and lower your weights.
10. Focus on the position of your head. It should be steady and laid comfortably against the seat back. If your head is jerked forward, then it means you are using too much weight.

The above are some of the safety guidelines to perform leg press. Safety and preventing injury are the goals of proper form on a leg press machine. In this exercise, concentrate on slow, deliberate movements rather than the amount of weight and weights you are lifting. Read more about Best Guide for Gym Equipment Maintenance


Leg Press Safety Tips
How to Safely Use the Leg Press

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    While exhaling, extend your legs and keep your head and back flat against the seat pad. Extend with slow control rather than with an explosive movement.

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