How to use cable crossover machine


The Cable Crossover is a great exercise machine for chest. It stretches the pecs from the starting position by hitting the outer pec muscle fibers. It is proficient in building strength and muscle in the upper body. This type of exercise can be performed seated but the standing position is the most effective method. It is essential to prevent excessive backward movement of the cable handles which causes stress on the shoulder and elbow joints.

Instructions to use Cable Crossover:

Like any other exercises to increase the size and strength of the chest, a workout with a variety of angles using a mixture of exercises is essential to be done. Here, the instructions to use Cable Crossover are mentioned below

1. Initially, place the pulleys on a higher position above the head and select the resistance to be used. Then hold the pulleys in each hand.
2. Step forward in front of an imaginary straight line between both pulleys while pulling the arms together at the front. The torso should have a small forward bend from the waist in the starting position.
3. Extend the arms towards the side in a wide arc until you feel a stretch on the chest. While performing this action, breathe in which will prevent stress at the biceps tendon. Make sure that the movement should occur only at the shoulder joint, the arms and torso should remain stationary.
4. Breathe out and return the arms back to the starting position. It is advisable to use the same arc of motion while lowering the weight.
5. Pause for a second and repeat the same movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

Cable Cross-Over Variations:

Low Pulley Cable Cross-Over is a variation of cable cross workout. It makes the muscle fibers around the collarbone harder to target. Here, we have mentioned the procedure to use low pulley cable crossover.


Set the handles on the lowest pulley rung and stand with the feet shoulder-width apart. Now hold the handles with palms facing forward and hands beside the thighs. Now, pull both the handles up and inwards until the palms face each other in front of the chest by slightly bending the elbows. Squeeze the chest muscles for one or two seconds and then reverse the same to the starting position. Repeat the movement with control to strengthen the body muscles.

Benefits of Cable machines:

1) Cable Cross-over works on every muscle in your body in multiple ways. So, the time for strength training can be saved by spending less time in the gym.
2) It helps not only to strengthen the body but also adjusts and supports them. It works on small muscles also in everyday life.
3) It allows working from many different angles and directions which are versatile.
4) Most of the cable cross machines help in activating the core muscles including abs, hips and lower back that provides a greater session at the gym.
5) It can add freshness to an old workout routine and experiment a lot of ways to make the session more engaged.
6) It has an advantage that you do not need to use a lot of coordination and can lift more weights than free weight training.

The above cable crossover workout can help in building the strength and core muscles. It also provides more advantage over free weight training exercises. These machines are easy to use with a proper form of technique. As the weight can be adjusted manually, it provides less time in getting ready for a workout. Try cable cross-over for a new workout experience and gain weight.


How to use cable crossover machine

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